More masks..

From Wednesday 29th July it will be mandatory for all staff and customers to wear a mask just about all shopping locations. In addition to supermarkets; you must now wear one in banks, butchers, bakeries, patisseries, doctors surgeries, medical centres, beauty salons and hair dressers to name but a few – it’s probably easier to say that if you are coming on holiday to Greece soon expect to wear a face mask in all shops and enclosed indoor spaces. You will still be obliged to wear a face mask on all forms of public transport and in private hire vehicles and the driver in all cases is well within their rights to stop the vehicle until you comply.

Shop staff will have to wear a face mask but will not be required to force customers into wearing one, there will instead be local government checkers visiting premises regularly to ensure that the rules are being followed. If you are found in a location without a face mask on where it is necessary, you will be fined €150.

There have been very few cases of COVID-19 detected within Greece and the arrival of international tourists means that the chance of spreading it increases – we must all do our bit to try and stop the spread.

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