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Greek cuisine is full of tasty authentic flavours and recipes have been passed down through families for generations. Many of the herbs, fruits and vegetables used in cooking are grown and sourced locally, some tavernas even have their own herb gardens on site.

Main courses

Some popular Greek delicacies include Beef Stifado (beef stew in a tomato sauce with baby onions), Lamb Kleftiko (slow oven cooked aromatic lamb which falls off the bone) and the local speciality: Kefalonian Meat Pie (traditionally goat, but now usually succulent pork, with rice and a filo pastry lid). Every establishment has its own way of preparing and cooking these traditional dishes so why not try a few places and find your favourite. You can’t come to Greece and not have a Pitta Gyros (pronounced yeero) tender shavings of chicken or pork, a few chips, a little salad and tzatziki all wrapped up in a Greek pitta bread, prices vary between 2.50 & 3.50€. There are also many Greek dishes that are naturally vegetarian friendly such as: stuffed pepper and tomato (gemista), briam (baked Mediterranean vegetables in a tomato and herb sauce) and vegetarian moussaka (a veggie twist on a Greek classic).

It is fully appreciated that there are some delicate palates out there so most places will offer a range of British & international options. Whatever your special dietary requirements, speak with your waiter or the owner and they will happily advise you on what might be most suitable.

Living on an island means that seafood is at the heart of the diet – most places will also offer fresh fish and some have it as their primary focus. If you want to join in the with the process from the start, then why not try one of the daily guided fishing trips that depart daily from many of the ports and catch your own supper, perfect.

Desserts and drinks

Have you left some room for dessert or just fancy an afternoon snack? Why not check out these 4 delicious Greek desserts: galaktoboureko, baklava, kataifi and revani are all available here.

If you are here to celebrate a special occasion or just fancy treating yourselves then why not hire a private chef to prepare, cook and serve you a delicious meal at your accommodation. They provide everything required and clear up afterwards so all you need to do is relax and enjoy.

Cakes for all occasions – the bakeries here make excellent celebration cakes, just explain your requirements and they will conjure up a treat. They are charged by weight and it’s advisable to give a couple of days notice.

It wouldn’t be a proper Greek summer holiday without a beer and fortunately there are many to choose from. Popular Greek beers including Mythos, Fix & Alfa are widely available on the island and there is even a micro-brewery in Karavamylos producing ‘Kefalonian beer’. There is plenty to choose from so you won’t go thirsty. You can now get a nice refreshing Greek cider too – just ask for Milo Kleftis (apple thief).

Cocktails galore – who doesn’t enjoy a cocktail or 2 or 3 on a warm summer’s night? all shapes, all sizes, all available here.

Frappes – the cold coffee delight, a large spoon of coffee, ice, water, milk and sugar all whizzed up in a long glass. A thirst quencher for those hot sunny days and warm nights.

You may also like to try some of the locally produced white wine – the most well known of the local wine producers is from the Robola wine co-operative in the Omala valley – listed below are 3, but there are many more decent local producers:

  • Gentilini winery & vinyards in Minies
  • Melissinos winery at Thiramonas
  • Divinio wines and vinegar at Pessada

Don’t forget the ouzo! After a meal or just as an aperitif on a lazy afternoon, enjoy this typically Greek drink over ice or with a splash of water.

There are also many other excellent locally produced products including olive oil, thyme honey, mandoles, pasteli & nougat, just be sure to leave enough room in your suitcase if you want to take any home and make sure any glass containers are well wrapped.

You can also buy excellent feta cheese and a variety of local sweets like , confeto, nougat, pasteli and baklava.

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